Great Hoborg is under control

Few weeks ago our LoCo (Ubuntu-IL) started a revolution, we are now learning the way of Ubuntu, and how to use the creativity of the community for everyone’s use.

as a part of that, we have started doing meeting in our chat (#ubuntu-il/Freenode), that made me very excited, who thought the community may have that kind of power!

but it seemed that the meetings were a little mess, it certainly needed some bot to help us organize the meetings. of course we tried MootBot and MootBot-UK, both are great bots (!), but both does not support Hebrew at all (seems like a bug in Eggdrop).

for that reason, Shualdon, an active Ubuntu user from our LoCo (and a good friend too), sat down days and nights, and succeed writing an whole new bot (Python) in just few days, that works just great! it has all the function we need from MootBot, has no problems with Hebrew and even makes a BBcode summary of the meetings. as it seems now, more functions will be added soon, so it may be used for support in the channel, and not only for the meetings.

The bot was named Hoborg as a gesture to the most brilliant quest game we both have ever knew: The Neverhood (recommended!!). Hoborg is actually some kind of the god of the game, it is the creature who created the Neverhood.

Great Hoborg
Great Hoborg (source)

I just want to thank Shualdon for that great Hoborg he had created, no doubt that his work is very appreciated! thanks!

Dor 🙂

4 thoughts on “Great Hoborg is under control

  1. ותודה רבה לך, דור, ש”דחפת” אותי להמשיך לעבוד על הבוט ולא לנטוש אותו עוד בהתחלה
    וכמובן על כל העזרה והדיבוג

  2. You may come and try it at #ubuntu-il channel on Freenode.
    The source isn’t released yet, but we do going to release it soon.

  3. Hi I wrote Mootbot-uk (or the extension that does the moin wiki output) I am now rewriting it based on the Debian Meetbot code which is a Supybot plugin. This means it is in Python with proper UTF-8 support and it will be tested with hebrew and other languages. It would be great to work together on this.

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