Come to the Ubuntu side, we have badges

Hey guys (and girls),

we have already sent over 60 CDs of Ubuntu (!), and over 300 “Powered by Ubuntu” badges (!!!) oh yea!

People decided to send us some pictures, so here you go…

Thanks for Evyatar for that picture!‎‎

After drinking Ubuntini, don’t drive the UbuntuBike! thanks to Oren!‎

Thanks Sonny!‎

The printed envelop, thanks Uri!‎

Thanks Elidaian! :)‎

I must say that I’ve never seen such a big activity in our LoCo, so well done to anyone who contributed so far, keep going running!

Ddorda 🙂

7 thoughts on “Come to the Ubuntu side, we have badges

  1. LIKE. BTW, did you notice that all PC’s are Dell ones ?

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  3. כשהייתי בן חודשיים, הייתה לי מטפלת שהייתה קוראת לי evyata. היא הייתה טורקית, אני חושב. אבל בד”כ, אחרים קוראים לי אביתר. 🙂

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