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Hello everybody,

Earlier today (or yesterday depends on your time stamp) Alan Bell had sent me the logs of the community council meeting that happened the night before (and can be read over here).

After reading the logs came into my head a great idea! how about having the Planet to be multilingual in its main feed, but to have specific language feeds and pages.

When you’ll enter the page (and why isn’t it .org?!) you’ll see posts in many languages, but under the menu, I’d suggest in the left side you’ll be able to find list of languages code names. so if i want to follow all posts in English, Hebrew and Italian, I’ll register the feed/en, feed/he and feed/it. if I’ll want just to see how big our community is, i’ll be able just to see all the languages posts of today and to be amazed to the fact that there is a live community speaking …. Esperanto (or any other language such as Binary).

I see only good that can become from that. any language will get its own place on the global Ubuntu community stage,  you’ll be able to find all the posts about Ubuntu in the language you choose, and furthermore: we will have an huge collection to show to the world – WE ARE UBUNTU!

in these words…

Dor 🙂

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but I think it an awful notion…you see more people are able to converse in English than any other language and by using English as a lingua franca we allow ideas put forward by a native speaker of one language to be conveyed to native speakers of a huge number of languages whereas this new tower of babel will lessen greatly the transfer of such ideas. By this attempt to give us diversity we stand divided and weakened.

  2. Ne znam koliko to smisla ima, zapravo, čini mi se da bi većina ne-engleskih feedova bila prilično siromašna. Možda bi vrijedilo isprobati, ali ipak je moj stav da glavni planet bude na engleskom a da se do ostalih može doći pomoću linkova, jer bi u protivnom glavni, višejezični planet bio prepun buke koja nebi koristila nikome, jer bi dosta ljudi preskakalo postove koje ne mogu pročitati.

    There. Now what if the whole site was full of posts like these that you can’t easily understand? Not very fun

  3. ‎@David: When you want to write to the global Ubuntu users, of course you’ll write in English, just like what i do.
    ‎maybe I did not make myself clear enough, but this idea isn’t for replacing the current English planet, but to give a place for more languages on the formal wide Ubuntu community. if you want to keep reading only English posts – it won’t be a problem, but when someone will want to write in a different language s/he will have a formal organized place, unlike the stand-alone planets the LoCos are having.

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  5. @SillyBead: if there’s something i hate, is when people comment without reading what i wrote.
    i will ask you to read the post now and tell me when to remove your almost-off-topic comment.

  6. I think it is a bad idea. I would mean that Plant is unreadable by default and only turns into something readable after investing some time.

    I don’t mind making it easier to aggregate several languages on the same site though. What about showing only English by default and adding an option to show posts in other languages as well by choosing from a list that allows to select several languages at the same time?

  7. I dig the idea as I did when someone else suggested it.How about this as an addition though, offer a “translate” button. Then posts can be translated automatically, with a note that they are being translated. Then we get the best of all worlds.

  8. How about adding a little button to planet for choosing language

  9. I also agree that this is a bad idea. You will not expose your blog to new readers, and quite frankly, you are polluting the planet with blogs very few can read.

    See what happens in Fedora – this is why I ub-subscribed from that feed. Yes, they have an English only feed… but this defeats your idea doesn’t it?

  10. I think it’s a nice idea. I’d like to be able to select several languages in which I’m able to read…
    kaj certe plaĉus al mi legi kelketajn esperantlingvajn enskribojn

  11. I think it is a good idea but there MUST be filtering available and by default it should only English checked. Filtering should enable multiple language selection by user and store this info in cookie for example that I shouldn’t need to set filtering every time I visit planet.

  12. sillybead@
    Читање текста написаног на другим језицима није тешко учинити.

    I am interested in posts from all over the world, by Ubuntu Members. If they look interesting then I will read them and I won’t let the language prevent me from doing so.

    Shakespeare is best when read in the original Klingon.

  13. Ddorda: I think your translator is not working well, I basically said the same thing as Ansgar.
    Alan Bell: Bravo! Nice way to make point

  14. @SillyBead: First of all, i’m not working with any translator for English .
    Second – In your blog post you were calling for discussion, while my post is calling for technical thing to be done for making your idea come true.

  15. For what it is worth, planet fedora is multilingual since 2006, there was some controversy back in 2007, so maybe you could approach the admins of the website so you can share their experiences about this ? ( ie, what worked, what were the reactions, etc )

  16. Re: “Why not .org?” It’s because is owned by a group related to the true meaning of “Ubuntu,” not software. The corresponding .org for Ubuntu is

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