!Lernid found an icon

It’s been a while i’m trying to help Lernid project (which I really appreciate) to find an icon.
As you might remember I’ve opened a bug report about this issue, and here, at least, after a month and half of discussion, there is a new icon!

This great icon was made by an active art ubuntu user, who call himself Vish. must say that even I (of course) prefer my suggestion more, Vish did a great work 🙂

The icon have been committed to the project and suppose to show in your clients on the next update.

have a nice day,

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  1. Oh. His real name is Vishnoo and he is from Chennai.
    I don’t know him personally, but he is really interested in Ubuntu and does all the heavy work on The Hundred Paper cuts so that David has lesser work to do,

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