12 thoughts on “New Logo for Ubuntu-il LoCo

  1. GIF is an old and very limited graphics format. You can’t expect it to have antialiasing. Please use PNG instead.

  2. Tomer: I know that GIF is old and limited format, and I don’t usually use it, however, these images was NOT made by me, and unfortunately I can’t control what other people use (yet) 🙂

  3. I think you should to number them, easier to pick 😛
    BTW, i ought to thank the Ubuntu-Honduras LoCo team for posting the same question in their site.. thanks to them (and the Planet feeds) i mentioned it in our LoCo

  4. definitely number 5, I definitely love the 3d shaded star of david on the ubuntu logo 🙂


  5. Please note that you should not rotate the Star of David symbol, as it is not the right symbol shape, so mockups 2, 3, 4, 5 and 13 should be revised.

    Mockups 10 and 11 looks less like region logo but a indic symbols, which make it less formal for us.

    Number seven contain a flag which is too small and almost invisible.

    Also, I think that Israel flag is better than just the Star of David symbol, which make it more suitable for a religion than a region.

  6. Definitely Number 1 – it is the best combination of the Magen David and the original Ubuntu logo. The colors are the most pleasing as well.

    Good work!

  7. מתלבטת בין 12 ל1 ונוטה ל1.
    אולי כדאי שהכיתוב עצמו יהיה בכתום (אני צריכה לראות את זה, לא סגורה על זה)

  8. ����� �ק�� ��ספר 5 ��צ�� ���� ��עת�.
    ���ת� ����� ��ת� �ש� �ש��� ��� �������� ��ק�ר��� ש� ����נ��.
    ���� ����ת ש�פשר ��תשת�ש �ת�נ�ת ���:
    ��� �ש�ר� �ת�ת�נ� �רש��
    �שר�� Israel
    ��ק�� �ת������


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