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Just before one week I wrote about a mini-campaign i’m running that asks from projects to STOP USING UBUNTU FAVICON.
Few days ago I have translated Lernid into Hebrew, and to check the results I’ve installed it, the translation just sat great on the app, but one thing bothered me…

The icon of Lernid is a small Ubuntu symbol. it is very not aesthetic, since it has only one size, and when running Lernid using a dock (AWN for ex.) it shows a big yellow-orange pixeled icon.

So if dealing with the icon anyway, why not to completely change it? I guess Lernid should have it own symbol, my idea is a graduation cap or a notebook with ubuntu symbol in it (after all it’s about Ubuntu). therefore I’ve reported a bug about that issue.

Because I’m not a graphic artist, and my guess is that Jono (the founder) isn’t either, I ask from you the readers to try thinking (and making if possible) a new icon, of course to forget to suggest it in the bug report, or we won’t notice you made one 😛



4 thoughts on “STOP USING UBUNTU FAVICON going to Lernid

  1. A graduation hat gets my votes. That is a great symbol for Lernid.

  2. Jono said:
    This also means that other projects can use Lernid for their online events too.

    So if this software is ment to be used also outside Ubuntu, it shouldn’t have Ubuntu symbol in it. Packagers will simply change it, and while Lernid name will be known and recognizable, logo will vary depending on project.And this won’t be good.

  3. I would guess that the icon you see is the default icon from the Quickly ubuntu-project template. I am sure that Jono would gladly accept a patch with a new icon. Just drop it into the media directory for the project, and update the desktop file to use it. An svg would be best for that. While you are at it, you might want to create a smaller png to use for window icons, you can set those in Glade.

    Cheers, Rick

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