A short cow dialog

It was a lovely peaceful day, when a little koala announced to his friends…

The best Ubuntu I am!

Of course it made the young lynx quite nervous…

Sleep well, cause this is the last time you see the sunlight...

Oh no! will the lynx take the koala’s place? since when cows know how to speak? and most important: how Timon the meerkat from Lion King is related to that?!

All that an more… at our special double ten release! (in six months of course)

EDIT: Holly cow! I have just noticed this is the 1010 post! I can swear it’s not in purpose :O

3 thoughts on “A short cow dialog

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  2. האיורים מזכירים לי את התקופה של הנוקיה עם הסנייק ששלחנו כל מיני ציורים (מגדלי התאומים וכו’)…:-).

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