Great success + Pictures :)‎

Hey there,

After all the time expecting excited, we (the Israeli LoCo) had a booth on August penguin event, which is no less than the biggest FLOSS event over here.

First of all, we spread more than 700 Ubuntu CDs, including Kubuntu, Server edition, and even what we had left from the last version (9.10). I was amazed to see that we gave almost all the 9.10 CDs! not to mention all the badges and stickers people were so happy to have! (and again thanks to Ubuntu-fr).

I was happy to see in the event many people that i already know from Ubuntu on the grass (which is our Ubuntu event name) 😀

Try to find our Booth in the pictures: 😉

As you can see, the event was a great success, either for our booth and for the FLOSS in Israel 🙂