Fluxbox users team in Launchpad

Hello there,

Actually I’ve never wrote anything about it, but it’s been a long while I’m using Fluxbox, and I must say that I love it very much. it’s fast, customizable and easy to use. – however, new users may not like it as much as I do, because it doesn’t think a lot about the end users.

I wanted to join a Fluxbox users team in Launchpad to spread the word, but it seems that the only close thing to it was some kind of private team ansd did not fit the standards of “X-users”, so I decided to open my own one!

You’re all invited to show you’re support in this great environment on https://launchpad.net/~fluxbox-users, Paul already joined 😉

Dor 🙂

RTL in Xchat

Hey there,

For a long time I was annoyed by the Right-To-Left problems that occurred quite often in the IRC which made text that has Hebrew and English mixed impossible to read.

Few months ago I decided to find a solution, for me anyway, for that problem. Days passed and I had no time to work on it until the last few days. I decided to write an Xchat plugin that will hook the messages and will add RLM or LRM where needed. of course that BiDi have always been a hard spot for RTL users, but I believe i’ve done it as fine as possible (and this is the place to thank MKSoft for reviewing and cleaning my code!!)

You may want to check it out: https://edge.launchpad.net/rtlplo0x

Of course that if you think you can make it work better or cover more BiDi problems, you’re more than welcomed to fill bugs and  improve the code 🙂

* Something I’d like to point out: even though I use Hebrew, it is supposed to work the same for any other RTL languages, like Arabic, Persian, Urdu and more.

Dor 🙂

רוצים פוטושופ ללינוקס!

היי חבר׳ה,

אני מזמין את כולכם להצביע להצעה לאדובי לפתח גרסת CS ללינוקס, מכאן: http://getsatisfaction.com/adobe/topics/produce_creative_suite_for_linux

ונקווה שבקרוב נראה גם אצלנו פוטושופ, (בלי להצל על גימפ חלילה) 😉