Great success + Pictures :)‎

Hey there,

After all the time expecting excited, we (the Israeli LoCo) had a booth on August penguin event, which is no less than the biggest FLOSS event over here.

First of all, we spread more than 700 Ubuntu CDs, including Kubuntu, Server edition, and even what we had left from the last version (9.10). I was amazed to see that we gave almost all the 9.10 CDs! not to mention all the badges and stickers people were so happy to have! (and again thanks to Ubuntu-fr).

I was happy to see in the event many people that i already know from Ubuntu on the grass (which is our Ubuntu event name) 😀

Try to find our Booth in the pictures: 😉

As you can see, the event was a great success, either for our booth and for the FLOSS in Israel 🙂




It’s been a while I didn’t post anything, and that’s mainly cause I had no time.

Today Dolev Ravid, the LoCo leader of Ubuntu Israel agreed to change the favicon of the Israeli LoCo site and forums to the one Yaron Shahrbani have made, as a part of the mini-project STOP USING UBUNTU FAVICON.

The new favicon can be found in here:

what do you think..? It combines the Ubuntu icon and the Isreali Symbol, the star of david.

Yea, I know i’m going a little far with that mini-project, but it’s not for no reason. I hope that soon new proect won’t use that Favicon from the beginning.

oh, and have an HAPPY NEW DECADE! (…and year)
Dor 🙂

New Israeli Ubuntu LoCo website


It’s been a long time that the Israeli Ubuntu LoCo website have no real website. before about a year Dolev Ravid (Shezif), the Israeli LoCo leader had decided to redirect the domain of the LoCo site from the website to the forums, because of the obsolete information it had for a long time.
My thought was that I must rebuild the portal, and so I did.

While searching for the best CMS to use for the new portal, i found Drupal (which is working on it) and the Project Ubuntu-Drupal, which tried to build a nice LoCo basic site.
From when I’ve joined this project, until today, it changed from side to side, and has nothing with the old version I first used when I’ve started building the portal.

Before few days I’ve finished building the last things in the site, after months I’m working on it. I worked hard to give the site a real “Ubuntuish” feeling, so we would be a good “face” of Ubuntu in our country.

This portal was redirected to our domain, and is available on the address for now it has a Planet, Last messages from the Israeli LoCo forums (in the main page), News, Chat, and many translated pages from