Ubuntu on the grass 10.04

"Hotter than a burning fox"

As usual, to celebrate the release of the new version we (Ubuntu Israel) had a meeting at Gane Yehoshua, on the grass (or more on the legs, since we were all standing).


We were about 25 – 30 people at the meeting, most were active Ubuntu or Linux users.

And talking...
And talking…

It was real nice to meet new faces of some new users, and of course to meet the
“old guys” that i had the pleasure to see in the second and the third time.

"...did you here about Ubunchu...? look what Martin Owens sent us from Anime Boston..."
“…did you hear about Ubunchu…? look what Martin Owens sent us from Anime Boston…” (i’m on the left)

Thanks to Karmit (good time to mention she’s a great person!) we had some Yummy Chocolate balls sculptured as penguins! is that cool or what?!

Chocolate Penguins
Chocolate Penguins

Like every time, we bought a pizza and some cola, talked about Linux, Ubuntu, our community and the changes we’re having lately.


It was real fun, can’t wait for next Ubuntu on the grass, for the 1010 release 🙂
Hope next time we’ll have more pictures… we had real few (and credit goes to Moshe and Boaz)

Want some?
Want some?