It’s been a while I didn’t post anything, and that’s mainly cause I had no time.

Today Dolev Ravid, the LoCo leader of Ubuntu Israel agreed to change the favicon of the Israeli LoCo site and forums to the one Yaron Shahrbani have made, as a part of the mini-project STOP USING UBUNTU FAVICON.

The new favicon can be found in here:

what do you think..? It combines the Ubuntu icon and the Isreali Symbol, the star of david.

Yea, I know i’m going a little far with that mini-project, but it’s not for no reason. I hope that soon new proect won’t use that Favicon from the beginning.

oh, and have an HAPPY NEW DECADE! (…and year)
Dor 🙂


Hello all,

Yesterday I noticed that i have 18 tabs opened in my browser, from it 4 of Ubuntu-IL on the Localhost, 2 of Ubuntu-IL on www, 2 of Ubuntu-IL forums, one of PlayDeb project and 2 of because it was so many tabs, i saw only the favicons of the sites. when I tried to find a  a page related to Ubuntu, i just saw tones of Ubuntu icons, and started to browse between the tabs.

“God damn it! why can’t they just use their own symbols?!”

well, because I don’t like to keep the things just as they are, I jumped into the #GetDeb channel on (actually I tried #PlayDeb first, but when I saw it’s not in use I’ve registered it and redirected it to #GetDeb), and asked them to change the icon of PlayDeb to their own icon, they asked me to make an favicon of it, and so I did, and from now and on PlayDeb uses PlayDeb’s Icon as the Favicon – Congratz 😀

As it seems for now, I’m going to change Ubuntu-IL’s favicon too, I’ll change it to an image that combines Ubuntu symbol and the star of david, which is the symbol of the jews all over the world, and used on Israel flag (The image was made by Yaron Shahrbani).

And I use this stage, dear readers, if you have any influence in any project that related to Ubuntu and uses Ubuntu icon as a favicon, PLEASE make the project change the icon! I believe that there are many creative minds out their that can think of their own icon.

Thanks a lot!


Soon at Ubutnu-IL LoCo site

Hello everybody,

For long time that I believe that the Israeli LoCo of Ubuntu is not just a community of Ubuntu users. we’re not just making events and giving support, we’re here to promote Ubuntu in any way that seem to be possible!

as for that reason, I’ve decided (with the help of Status0) to do a makeover to our LoCo site, to make it much more “seller”. we’ve decided to use the contents (mostly the front page), to make it attractive, full of images and explains.

because we’re using an RTL language, we can’t just do a copy/paste, but we must RTL all the content, including buttons and snapshots, and remake it all in Hebrew.

though we are rebuilding many pages anyway, why won’t we do more features, like making the site available for blind people? I’ve contact some girl from an organization that is just for that subject and she promised to help 🙂

well, so what for now?

Today on the www:

Existing Ubuntu-IL site (18/12/2009)
Existing Ubuntu-IL site (18/12/2009)

Today on the Localhost:

The changes that was built until now (18/12/2009)

The changes that was built until now (18/12/2009)

I know it’s not such a big change yet, but there’s a lot more to do. I promise to update you for any serious change.